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イベント参加にあたり下記内容をよく読み、理解し、自らの意思で同意(保護者の同意を含む)し当該 イベントに参加してください。











Agreement to participate in event

In participating in the event, please carefully read, understand, and consent (including parental consent) to the following terms before joining the event.


-I pledge to abide by all the terms, rules, and instructions set forth by the organizers.

-I undertake to exercise due care in managing my own health and assume full responsibility for any injury, death, or other accidents that may occur in connection with my participation in the event and its ancillary activities, without blaming or holding the organizers, staff, or other participants responsible. It is understood that even if the accident is caused by the organizers, the terms remain unchanged.

-I accept full responsibility for my own belongings and equipment during the event.

-I hereby grant permission for the use of my name, photograph, and images in newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, publications, and sponsors' materials related to the event, without any restrictions.

-I have no objection to the cancellation, postponement, or modification of the event due to heavy rain, strong winds, other natural disasters, accidents, or other reasons.



I understand and agree to the above commitments, and I apply to participate on this basis. Additionally, if I am a minor, I will seek consent from my guardian before participating.

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